• Our Studio


    Zenergi Hot Yoga strives to create a nurturing, non-competitive environment so that everyone may enjoy the restorative benefits of their practice.

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  • Our Studio


    In Sankskrit, Sangha may be translated into the meaning of “Community”. At Zenergi, we come together “In Community”, synchronizing our curiousity, passion, healing, connectivity, and all the dynamic benefits of the practice of Yoga within the relationship to each other. Here, we come together “In Sangha”.

  • Transformation


    Through the process of repetition and commitment to the practice of “Asanas” or postures, and “Pranayama” or breath, the body begins to develop new pathways and establishes a new rhythm, leading one through the doorway of transformation on all levels of body, mind, & spirit.

  • Buddha


    Yoga, means “to Yoke”. Through Yoga, one begins to Yoke the body, calling forth an openness, a readiness to expand, and an allowing of more Peace to flow freely through the body. The catalyst of breath-work combined with the postures, creates more space through this yoking process, giving rise to a feeling of wholeness and peace within oneself.